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How a Pakistani Baloch family changed my life (cry)

30 Sep 2019


**YES I have permission to share the video. She was aware of what I do- for those of you who have asked. I am aware of certain cultural sensitivies and always ask permission first.
So, I was anticipating releasing my big Pakistan video first and vlog series, But in light of Eid, I made this special video of my very special experience staying with this amazing woman and her family, and I was excited to share it here!. If you follow my Instagram or facebook, you would have read about their story. Recently I did a fundraiser to provide them with solar panels so they can have fans for the hot summer heat. This family had no running water, electricity, toilet or even a mattress to sleep on. I had first met them randomly on route to Gwadar. She invited me in for Chai and lunch. She wanted me to stay but I had to continue on, promising I would stay over on my way back. Staying with them and experiencing how they lived was one of the most incredible eye opening experiences I've ever had and this woman truly touched my heart.
I will be eventually making an entire vlog about my experience staying there, to which will be released in sequential order of my adventure. Stay tuned for more Adventures in Pakistan !

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