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Dragon Ball Super S01 E41 Universe 6's Strongest Warrior! Enter Hit, the Assassin!!

18 Jan 2019

Vegeta and Hit start their battle. To Vegeta's surprise, he is unable to land a single blow on Hit, due to his superior speed. Eventually, Vegeta is struck by a heavy blow and collapses. Hit is declared the winner of the match. Suddenly, it is revealed that Hit used a "time-skipping" technique, where he gets to time travel and be the only person able to move for a split second. Goku walks up to face off Hit. Initially, Hit overpowers Goku which prompts him to ask Goku to surrender. Goku denies, saying he used the time to figure out how Hit's technique works. Goku then predicts Hit's moves and evades his attacks. Hit claims that Goku's foresight was a just a fluke and that he will not be able to use it again. However, Goku is, yet again, able to foresee Hit's attacks and defend himself. Goku proposes that both of them fight at their full power. Hit concurs and withdraws. Shortly after, both start preparing for their next fight.

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