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Tanha Dil Episode 19 TV One Oct 9, 2019

10 Oct 2019

Tanha Dil Episode 19 TV One Drama
Heartbreak can be overcome. By plotting revenge. Journalist Sana is on the lookout for a dramatic scoop. Her poor cousin Rani is determined to change her fortune. The fearless Saad intends to declare his love, but they are all puppets and the Master Puppeteer Rao Adnan will decide their future. Revenge can make you relax and let you enjoy your life again, but sometimes it can leave some negative impacts on your personality. This is a story of Sara who is a journalist and happily living her life. The second character of the serial is Rani and third one is Saad. The whole script of the drama is revolving around these three characters. The drama begins when they met with each other for the first time and then started loving each other. The triangle got separated after some serious clashes because of their own mistakes.

Noman Masood, Hannan Sameer, Sonia Hussain, Fariya Jabeen, Farah Nadeem, Furry Ali, Maria Zahid, Khuwaja Saleem, Shazia, Mehreen Ali

Directed by: Irfan Aslam
Produced by: Tariq Shah / Farouq Mengal
Executive Producer: Seema Taher Khan
Writer: Sheikh Fasih Uddin
No of Episodes: 93

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